Podcast: ‘Western Dominance in International Relations?’

Podcast of Book Launch

‘Western Dominance in International Relations?’

A podcast is now available of the launch of the book ‘Western Dominance in International Relations? The Internationalisation of IR in Brazil and India’ (Routledge 2018) by Audrey Alejandro (Department of Methodology, London School of Economics).

The book launch was held on 21 January 2019, with the following guest speakers: Barry Buzan (Emeritus Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics), Jef Huysmans (Professor of International Politics, Queen Mary University of London) and Katharine M. Millar (Assistant Professor of Gender and International Relations, London School of Economics). The event was chaired by Alvina Hoffmann (PhD Candidate, King’s College London).

The podcast is made available by the London School of Economics here.

Photo from Audrey Alejandro, left to right: Barry Buzan, Katharine M. Millar, Jef Huysmans, Audrey Alejandro, Alvina Hoffmann.